Hair removal methods | which one is for you

Hair removal methods | which one is for you

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Summer season is finally here, and it’s time to talk about a subject that concerns most women, which is hair removal methods. We’re going to analyze the pros and cons of each method and find which one is the best for you. Let’s see them one by one!

Hair removal methods - which one is for you 2


Pros: It’s a quick and easy method, with no pain, suitable for all skin types, and all hair colors, and definitely the most inexpensive one.

Cons: It creates irritations and dryness to the skin, you must use it almost on a daily basis, and especially in summer with the regular swimming, your skin gets even more irritated. And of course there are the occasional accidental cuts by the razor.


Hair removal cream/mousse

Pros: It’s quick and easy to do from the comfort of your own home, and completely painless. Suitable for all skin types and all hair colors!

Cons: The result is really similar to using a razor, hair does not at all subside, and the cream’s/mousse’s scent isn’t very pleasant. This too needs to be used regularly.



Pros: Waxing is one of the most used, and popular methods due to the fact that it can last from 1 to 4 weeks. The cost depends on whether you’re going to do it yourself at home, or at a beauty salon, but usually it doesn’t exceed the 30euros. Hair subsides a bit over the years.

Cons: It’s quite painful, it needs to be done at least once a month, and you need to wait for a period of time (a week or longer) for the length of the hairs to be long enough to be able to be pulled by the wax. In some cases, some hairs get enclosed under the skin, and it’s difficult to get them out. As a result, they usually grow after the waxing has been done, which means you might have hair left, even after waxing. This can be partially avoided with the use of a scrub at the area, a few days before waxing.

Hair removal methods - which one is for you


Hair removal epilator

Pros: It’s relatively fast to use, you can use it at home, and the cost per use is low. The results last almost as much as with waxing, and many women have reported their hairs to have subsided significantly over the years.

Pros: Some women find it quite painful to use, and in some cases it leaves some hairs enclosed under the skin, like it happens with waxing.


Laser hair removal:

Pros: It’s definitely very effective, the results last for 2-3 months, and the area looks completely clean from hair, leaving the skin smooth and soft, and the hairs subside almost completely in some areas, after a few sessions, always depending on the quality and color of your hair and skin. With laser hair removal you avoid having enclosed hair under the skin, and you can be carefree for all summer long.

Cons: It’s the most expensive method of all, and it’s unapproachable for many people (although the prices have gone much lower these past couple of years). It’s not suitable for lightly colored hair, like blonde or red, and it’s prohibitive for already (too) tanned skins (so under no circumstances should you go do laser in the middle or late summer when you’re already tanned. Generally, the darker the hair and the lighter the skin, the better).


I’m finishing this article with a personal opinion: Having already tried all hair removal methods mentioned above (I only tested the epilator very shortly), I’ve come to a conclusion that the best hair removal method for me is definitely the laser. I know it’s expensive for many people (always depending on the area you want to “hit” and the salon or doctor you’ll choose), but it’s the most efficient one, it last for months, and there’s no hair left under or over your skin. After many years of doing laser hair removal, I’m almost completely clean in most areas, while they have significantly subsided in the rest (mostly where the hairs were lighter and smoother).

No matter what method you’d choose always remember to keep your skin deeply moisturized after removing your hair.


Which hair removal method are YOU using, and which one would you like to try?

We hope you find this article useful!


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