Dior Addict Lipcolor & Rouge Dior lipsticks review

Dior Addict Lipcolor & Rouge Dior lipsticks review

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I love Dior products and decided to buy a red lipstick, but not very red, with more shimmer in it, like a gloss. The clerk told me the Dior Addict Lipcolor would be perfect, in this way, to what I was looking for. I also told her that I have very dry lips and needed a moisturizing product. I bought the 959 color, Rouge Sex-Appeal Red Desire.

Dior Addict Lipcolor & Rouge Dior lipsticks review

It has some scent, though not very strong. Long lasting, what you expect from a brand like Dior. The color is very rich and yes, the clerk was right, it doesn’t have a matte finish, more like a gloss, though not with gloss consistency. I like the color and the shimmer. But what I don’t like, and I have to be honest, is that after some minutes – yes, minutes – of applying it, my lips started to chap in such a way that I had to remove skin with fingers, and later tweezers. Not a good feeling, from what had to be “moisturizing”.
So I bought the Rouge Dior 277 Declamation pink. Because I love Dior, as I said. Again, lovely scent. The color could be more intense, but alas, I ordered it online this time, and the color looked different. It is supposed to be moisturizing and long lasting as well. I can’t complain about its staying power – though it could be better and the color is not very strong at all, so it looks natural, more like “without lipstick”. You can see by the pictures, that the tip of the lipstick shows another color – it’s because I mix it with a stronger color, in order to reach a more intense pink shade. And the worst:  again it left my lips really chapped.
So, in short, I will still use Dior products, but won’t buy Dior lipsticks anymore. Chanel is much better for my lips.

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