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Little Kook | Athens

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Little Kook, psirri, Athens -

Our “places” column finally gets an update… and this sweet spot is in Athens. Summer from “S for Summer” blog, kindly accepted to guest post for Stylishly Beautiful and take us with her, to Little Kook for dessert. We wish we were there with her, but for now, we’re enjoying the photos and this article, and dreaming of visiting it ourselves one day. You’ll soon have the chance to get to know Summer better, but until then, check out her blog, and social media through the links you’ll find at the end of this post.

Opposite of the hanging lanterns of Pittaki Street at Athens city’s centre, you will meet a wide range of groups; young, older, couples, queuing eagerly. They are waiting to enter the magical world of the Little Kook. As if magnetized, you may wait too. And maybe you’ll enter; Maybe not. But if you enter, you will then come across many small or large objects, hidden or in more obvious places, on the ground, on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, composing a fairy tale. They serve freshly baked goods, flavors based on movies and the whole place has a mouthwatering aroma. The Little Kook consists of three stages, having several rooms with different colours and playful vintage décor, which along with the concept of the place – hold your breath – changes approximately every three months. You will meet smiley young girls and boys wearing imaginative costumes, serving hot cocoa, soothing tea and fluffy cakes. Excellent service, a place resembling a fairy tale scenery and so many desserts to browse and choose your favorite; this is the Little Kook at the heart of Psirri area which greets you.

Little Kook, psirri, Athens 2- Little Kook, psirri, Athens 3- Little Kook, psirri, Athens 4- Little Kook, psirri, Athens 5- Little Kook, psirri, Athens - S for Summer -

17, Karaiskaki Street, Psirri, Athens 210 32 14 144

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