Zoeva Brush Sets

Zoeva Brush Sets

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zoeva brush sets


Christmas is comming soon, and it is the best time to treat your self with some ‘gifts’, or buy something for your make up lovers friends! So what a better gift than a Brush Set from the one and only ZOEVA! They are truly the most beautiful brushes I’ve seen, and I love that the price is not over the top! Which makes them the perfect gift!

  1. Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set – Volume 3 – This is definitely a brush set for the girl who has already many brushes in her collection and wants the extra step! This one is perfect!
  2. Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set – Volume 1 – The first Rose golden set from ZOEVA is probably one of my favourites. It is the perfect starter set, which contains every face and eye brush you will need!
  3. Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set – Volume 2 – The second rose golden set is again beautiful and perfect for every make up lover!
  4. Luxe Prime Professional Brush Set – This one is perfect for beginners and for those of you who already own a lot of brushes. It has many eye brushes and the basic face brushes you will need.



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