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Autumn is finally here and as we do on the beginning of every season, we are going to clear out our make-up collection and renew it, by adding some stuff to it. Let’s start with some eye shadow palettes for Fall.

autumn eyeshadow palettes

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Summer is almost gone but we can still get a beautiful tan and make sure that it will last longer with some easy tips. A single sunbath is never enough; we have to take care of our skin using the appropriate products.

summer tan

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If you ask me what I love in summer I would definitely say coral color. When it comes to lipsticks, I believe it is something that every girl should have in her collection. Besides, there is a wide variety of shades so you can choose the one that looks better on you. Coral orange lipsticks look better on blond girls, but coral pink ones suit redheads the most. Brunettes are the luckiest ones because every shade looks great on them. You can see our suggestions, in every shade and economical range, below. What do you think, are you a coral lover?

coral love

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Summer is the greatest time for bright colored make-up. If you like a romantic look, you can try using only one color or more colors in lighter tones. If you want to be daring, every make-up house suggests blue and purple shades. We took a look and we suggest 5 palettes you can use to create a make up look for every occasion.

Summer eyeshadow palettes

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