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For those who don’t know about Evangelie, if they visit her blog they’ll probably think thas she’s a resident of Paris in some way. Yet, Style Heroine is an Athens-based blog and we can only be proud of the international success of Evangelie. With a unique style and aesthetic she started her blog two years ago gaining loyal followers and fans from all around the world. I got in touch with her online-world for the first time last year and I was so surprised by her, as her outfits have character and reflect her personality. With a love in dark outfits she is undoubtedly one of my favorite bloggers/editors and style icons. In you’ll find everything about Evangelie Smyrniotaki. Take a quick look below:

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Brooklyn Blonde 4- bloggers we love - StylishlyBeautiful.comHelena Glazer is the Brooklyn Blonde, whose blog I’ve been reading for years. She was born and raised in New York by Russian parents, and now lives with her husband who’s also her photographer and other half of the blog, Keith, in Brooklyn. I’ve been reading Helena’s blog for years, and never get bored of seeing her outfits. Judging from her looks I can say she has a casual chic style, always pairing a nice outfit with interesting heels, and giving attention to layering with coats and blazers on top of jeans, skirts or dresses. I’m sure she has a huge collection of blazers and coats, and they’re all to die for. She’s always very elegant and chic, so you can see why I love her blog so much. Check the links to her blog and social media below, and make sure to pay her a visit.

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meet me in paree

I discovered Nikita Wong through Instagram and I was pretty impressed by her amazing feed. I instantly searched for her blog and now Meet Me In Paree is one of my favorites! Her blog is online 16 months now, and having Paris as a base she always manages t0 impress me with her flawless style. In the past she has lived in Indonesia and London and worked as a teacher and a model. Right now she lives and works in Paris. Her boyfriend is her photographer and they work together for her amazing blog which you should totally check out!

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Lorenzo Liverani joined the bloggosphere in 2012 and the international success was granted. Visitors came from Brazil, USA, Germany, Spain and Asia to explore his unique style. His passion for fashion is what characterizes him, as he believes that through our clothes we appeal to our personality without even having to talk. Through his successful blog Your Mirror Style, he has achieved collaborations with famous brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Chopard and even with magazines such as the widely known GQ. I saw some of Lorenzo’s outfits on for the first time and I was so impressed -a nd still am – by his style and distinctive aesthetic. Have you visited his blog yet?

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andy torres Style Scrapbook 1 - StylishlyBeautiful.comAndy Torres is the blogger behind Style Scrapbook. Andy was born and raised in Mexico, where she used to be a track & field athlete, before she moved to Amsterdam, 8 years ago, where she began her blogging journey, shortly after. Since then, she’s worked hard, and became one of the top bloggers and influencers in the world.

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Mariano Di Vaio - MDV Style - Bloggers we love

M A R I A N O  D I  V A I O … The ultimate male! There is no other word that describes this boy better!!

Mediterranean temperament, style, body, face and of course his smile, make him stand out among so many other bloggers! No wonder why he has reached 2 million likes on Facebook, and why all the ladies go crazy about him!!!

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tuula jessica steinI am pretty sure that you have seen pictures of Jessica Stein somewhere in the web, either outfit pictures or shots from her never-ending travels from all over the world! This global fashionista rarely stays in her place in Australia, since she is always on the go, combining fashion and landscapes for our eyes only! Her style depends on her location and changes every time, so you can see her wearing many outfits, from something too simple to something too ”noisy”. She started her blog because she wanted a place to share her travel photos from an overseas trip to Europe. Now this blog is her full time job and she likes it so much! Also something that seemed too weird to me was her blog’s name and I found out it means ”wind” in Finish. So meet Jessica, enter her fashion world and travel with her (but try not to be jealous of her super-extra-long legs!)

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Liz Cherkasova a.k.a the owner of ”Late Afternoon” fashion blog is not exactly the blogger I check daily, but once I do, I find myself being so so jealous of her gorgeous outfits. Her style is so romantic, even when she wears black! Maybe it has to do with her silky blonde hair (well her hair was pink for a short time too), her often braided hairstyle or her melancholic smile. She started blogging while she was still in college because she needed a getaway from her classes and now this getaway is kind of her full time job, since she also owns a phsycology degree. The sophisticated style of this ”not-so-typical” Californian girl, makes her so unique and if this is the first time you hear her name, well, it’s time to check her blog and get some inspiration for romantic and vintage outfits!

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