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Shauna is a California girl living in Orange County and she has always been a lover of all things fashion! She is a wife and a puppy-mother and she is addicted to oniline shopping! I love her girly and chic style; she wears so many colors, she is not afraid of bright prints and her super gorgeous hair are a great addition to her style! Just take a look at her blog and get inspired by her looks!

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In 2013, Js and Alice started a new life and were also in need of connecting with the fashion world sharing their everyday life in Los Angeles. Their blog named J’ Aime Tout Chez Toi is the ultimate guide for stylish couples, as they can explore the Parisian style through the famous bloggers’ photos. Js and Alice now work from France and share their passion for fashion with their millions of engaged readers. Explore the Parisian way of life through the stylish couple’s blog.

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Bloggers we love - Michelle's style file

Michelle’s Style File is the internet child of Michelle, a 37-year-old personal style blogger, and mom to a 3-year-old boy, from Melbourne. Michelle works full time, but she also manages to update her blog frequently, with the aim to inspire. Maternity & nursing styles also have a prominent position on her blog, which she launched back in 2011. Her style is minimal but very feminine too, and she is a shoe girl like me. <3 Check out her blog for more outfits, and make sure to follow her!

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No matter how casual a girl is dressed, there will be a time in her life that she will have to wear something more girly. For me, when I come up with this kind of situation, I love being inspired by Dressed Up Deniz‘s blog. Deniz, the owner, has the most chic and ladylike style I have ever found in a blogger.  She is too cute in her dresses and also elegant in a pair of trousers. She always completes her looks with a pair of high heels, taking it onto the next level. So take a look below and don’t forget to visit her blog for more!!

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Gizele Oliveira is a model/blogger born in Brazil and she is the girl behind the blog Gizele a go-go! She is a gorgeous, super tall and ultra-fit brunette with a great sense of style! I don’t really know much about her but she is well known in the model world! She always wears the most gorgeous sunglasses and her make up is always on fleek! Just take a look at her blog and her Instagram page which she updates more frequently and you will totally agree! 

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23 year old Jairwoo, is undoubtedly one of the best menswear bloggers and youtubers having more than 100.000 subscribers and 10 million views inspiring men daily. Jair, through his digital presence, wants to document his personal style and create a small sample of his everyday life, his travels amd his stylish pictures. From the time he started YouTube, he collaborated with brands such as big sexy hair, dstld jeans, starkstreet, jonny iv and more counting. Of course, collaborations are not going to stop here for Jairwoo, as he collaborates with various fashion brands giving quality pictures and videos to his readers and viewers. Get to know him, through the following pictures.


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Bloggers we love - wishwishwish

Carrie Harwood, now Carrie Santana da Silva, is a personal style blogger who loves furry animals, ‘60s dresses, pretty shoes and junk food. I found her blog through her Instagram profile, which I love, and for which I’ve written about here, and I absolutely love her style and her photos. She recently got married to the love of her life in Portugal, and after a short hiatus, she’s back to blogging. What I love about her blog is the fact that the background of her photos plays a huge role in her outfit posts, complementing whatever she’s wearing that day. You should definitely visit her blog, and see by yourself. Links at the end of this post!

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Bloggers we love - Wunder Bliss 1Elizabeth is the Canadian girl behind the Wunder Bliss blog. It’s mostly a fashion blog but you are going to find beauty and DIY there posts, too. I recently stumbled upon her beautiful blog and I fell in love with her style. It’s chic and classic at the same time. I especially like her girly summer looks and the casual-elegant winter ones with denim pieces. Moreover, you will find some outfits based on mixed trends, which are really inspirational. Take a look at her style and make sure to follow her blog and her social media if you like it.

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Annabel Pesant is a twenty-seven year old girl living in Antwerp and she is the person behind a really successful fashion and lifestyle blog! She has a master degree in marketing but her obsession about fashion and social media won the fight about her future career! She loved fashion as long as she could remember and with her fashion-lifestyle blog she aims to inspire people and express her style! I personally love everything she wears, I love her gorgeous hair, I love her big smile, well everything! Keep up the good work Annabel!

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Chriselle Lim began her career as a stylist, before she created her personal blog in 2011 named “The Chriselle Factor”. Chriselle also launched a YouTube channel aiming to inspire women all around the world to discover their inner beauty. In her blog you will find outfits with pieces of luxury fashion designers combined with the unique style of Chriselle. She has been named as the No. 1 fashion expert of YouTube as she provides useful fashion tips for women around the world. Discover the unique style Chriselle in website. See a brief preview of the blog below:

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