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S for summer interview 3-
Summer is what you’d call “the girl next door”, and as her name states she loves summer, and every year she counts the days till summer’s arrival. Creative and playful she loves writing, and she likes talking about the things that make her happy through her lifestyle blog. But I’m going to let her talk for herself, through her interview. All you have to do is read her answers and check out her blog for more.

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Meet the blogger - Travelstories from my world 1
I always admired people who love traveling. I believe you need to have a strong will and be bold, and Maria is certainly a bold travel blogger. In her blog, Travelstories from my world, she talks about her trips, the memories she created in every one of them and she gives all the information that only a good traveler knows. She conveys this love about traveling and you feel as if she also encourages you to dare to travel around the world and meet new places and people. I’m happy to introduce you to Maria through her interview below!!

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Meet the blogger - Fashionizein 5Theano is relatively new to this whole blogging world, but she had a great start and managed to quickly acquire her own readership. Her blonde super-curly hair is her characteristic that catches your attention at first, but her style is the one that’s gonna keep you coming back to her blog. Sometimes casual, sometimes girly or even rock, she expresses herself through her style, and all you have to do is follow her blog to learn more about her. Let’s get to meet Theano, through the interview she gave Stylishly Beautiful:

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Meet the blogger - Fairies of Beauty 1

Ioanna is undoubtedly one of the most notable greek bloggers who writes about beauty and fashion. I haven’t met her in person yet but I have been admiring and reading her blog, Fairies of Beauty, all these years. She is that kind of girl who will talk honestly about the products she has tried but she will suggest for a trial, only the ones that are worthy. Moreover, she will probably be the one to inform you about every new release, because she is sure that you are going to be as happy as she is about it. I’m happy to introduce you Ioanna through her interview below!!

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Meet the youtuber - Kate Tzoe 7-
Katerina is a delightful Greek girl that manages to lift your mood every time, through her videos. She’s the girl next door that everyone wants to be friends with, and that’s exactly how she makes you feel… Like you’re best friends, and she’s sharing with you her new purchases, her beauty secrets, and the products she loves. She has a unique energy, a positive aura which you rarely find nowadays, and that’s why I love watching all her videos. So, we asked her some questions, in order to get to know her better. Let’s see what she had to say.

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youtuber artemis samara

Artemis Samara is an energetic and passionate blonde Youtuber form Thessaloniki! The first time we heard about her was through her sister’s Youtube channel a while ago, through a tag video. Artemis started blogging at their site, Samara Sisters, and about a year ago, she created her very own channel! So let’s meet her and find out more things about her!

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Forcailini outfits

Meet Colleen, a fashion and food blogger from Birmingham, UK, owner of Forcailini blog! She has amazing suggestions about restaurants and how to keep fit, through exercising and nutritious dishes and recipes.  Colleen is a nutritionist, so she knows well what to recommend! Let’s read her interview to get to know her better!

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Meet the blogger - Aspects of Style 6-
I’m a really old reader of Anna’s blog and I recently had the chance to meet her in person, in Thessaloniki. Anna’s blog stands out from the other blogs because she not only posts about her personal style, but also about her travels, which she loves so much. She has visited many different countries and cities, and through her posts, you can visit them too. Her blog has evolved a lot through the years, and her love for photography is definitely noticeable, as her blog photos have a really unique aesthetic and can win you over, along with her well-written articles of course. So let’s get to meet Anna through the questions we asked her, and don’t forget to follow Anna’s blog, and her social media accounts too! 

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Meet the blogger-Get a loca life 1

Athanasia and Maria are the girls behind Get a loca life. These sweet girls come from Thessaloniki and make our day with their inspirational fashion posts. However, when they talk about beauty, I love them even more. If you visit their blog, you will notice the quality of their work. Besides, their love for writing is so obvious and that’s why they managed to gain a big audience really quickly. I’m glad about today’s interview because we have the chance to get to know these adorable girls a little bit better!!

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June wants it all blog
Meet June, a blogger from India, who writes about fashion, restaurants, trips, beauty products and more! June is the blogger behind the lovely “June wants it all”. She is really very versatile and she has very good taste, be it about food or fashion! We loved to interview her and now, let’s get to know June better!

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