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You should follow 25-05-2015As you have already seen, we love Instagram because it’s an endless source of inspiration. It may be predictable for a fashion and beauty site to constantly search for new things, but it’s an amazing feeling to discover new stylish people, new trends, new beauty tips etc. Today’s post is dedicated to 5 beautiful ladies with amazing photos and one common passion, fashion!!

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Greek Youtubers from Thessaloniki you should follow

As Easter is just around the corner (tomorrow for Catholics, and next Sunday for us Orthodoxes) we decided to take a break from the designers’ and bloggers’ interviews, and write another “you should follow” post. This time, we’re back with another article about our favorite Youtube accounts that we follow “religiously”, and we suggest you follow them too. Well, as the title says, they’re all Greek channels, but whether you speak the language or not, it’s nice to find new people to watch. And who knows? Maybe you’ll like them too, and subscribe to their channels. They’re all from my city, Thessaloniki, which is in Northern Greece, and today I’ll be writing only about 5 of them, even though the list is long. But I’m sure you’ll see many of them in next such articles, and maybe read some of their interviews here as well, in the future. Let’s see them:

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Instagram, a barely new social media has evolved rapidly and became a daily habit for sure. If you want to check someone’s moments from his/her daily life all you have to do is check his Instagram feed. Also, Instagram is now one of the most widespread media for promoting products and services. If you’re looking for inspirational photos or even for suggestions on how to dress, all you have to do is follow these five accounts:

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In lieu of a blogger’s interview this week, we thought we should find another interesting article to fill this Saturday’s afternoon post. And since we haven’t written any of those “accounts you should follow on Instagram” posts for a long time, we thought it was a great place to start. And which are the best accounts on Instagram, you should definitely follow? The ones of the Stylishly Beautiful Team of course! Do you need another reason to follow us? Ok then, let’s give you this reason! 😉


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If you’re on Instagram, you know how addictive it is! You catch yourself checking your feed every couple of hours (or even sooner) to see what everyone uploaded. As fashion bloggers we love to follow other fashion bloggers’ accounts since their feeds tend to be quite inspirational. We gathered our top 5 fashion bloggers’ Instagram accounts we think you should follow.

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