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fathers day gift


Father’s day is comming up and we thought, we’d bring you some ideas on what to buy for your father on this special day! First of all you cannot go wrong with a skin care set. Men realy love a good set for their face, even if they don’t admit it! A pocket knife is also a great choice, especially if your father loves them! Then for the standar things like a watch a tie, a belt or a wallet will all make for great choices! Just remember to show your love and share this special day with your family!

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Color trend Yellow Shopping Guide

As you might know, yellow is having a comeback this spring/summer. Primrose yellow is actually one of the colors Pantone announced in their Spring 2017 Fashion Report. We don’t usually see it in clothes and accessories much, but this has to change, because look how nice it looks on them; it makes any outfit brighter. It goes perfectly well with black or white, but of course you can combine it with other colors as well, like orange, blue, pink, red, to create a nice colorblock outfit. Or you can even wear it head to toe to create a total monochrome yellow look. That would also look amazing. No matter the combinations, it will definitely make your outfits stand out, and we totally recommend you try it!

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Gucci Cruise 2017 embroidered light blue catwalk

I recently saw a picture of a Gucci bag from the Cruise 2017 collection and suddenly I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Of course I could only make it mine in my dreams, because it costs an arm and a leg, but let’s dream that we have an endless flow of cash. What would you do with it, apart from the usual necessities? I wouldn’t mind giving some of that cash for one of the bags below, with my first choice being the light blue embroidered number you can see in the first photo. Isn’t she a beauty? But all these bags below wouldn’t go unnoticed either. Definitely not… So which one would be YOUR choice for spring/summer 2017?

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Bell sleeves trend - shopping guide 2I’m sure that by now you have already noticed that bell sleeves are having a comeback. I was reluctant to give in to this trend again at first, but it didn’t take me long to surrender. If you combine this trend with the whole blush/dusty/powder pink frenzy that surrounds us lately then you can say that I’ve given in completely. Combine your bell sleeved top/sweater/blouse with a pair of skinny jeans, or a pencil skirt, something fitted in general and then you will surely look very stylish. Since bell sleeves are making a statement by themselves, try to keep the rest of the outfit as minimal as possible. You can pair your tops and dresses with sneakers for stylish casual looks, or with a pair of killer heels for a night out. Are your ready to give in to this trend yet? Here are some items that may help your decision!

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Valentine's day gift guide for your girlfriend

You may believe that you have a lot of days to decide which is the best gift for your girlfriend but guess what! You don’t! Valentine’s day it’s just around the corner and if you want to impress her then it’s time for you to find the perfect gift. We have some suggestions that can inspire you to find the right present.

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How to style fishnet tights 5

One of the biggest fashion trends of fall/winter 2016/2017 is definitely fishnet tights. We’ve already started seeing them everywhere, in blogs and streets worldwide, so we think it’s time to discuss about this trend on Stylishly Beautiful. Fishnets are not a new trend. They’re actually having a comeback from the early 00’s, but many ladies are afraid to follow that trend, because they don’t know how to style fishnet tights without looking trashy or vulgar. You don’t have to worry anymore though, because we’re here to give you our advice. The easiest way to wear your fishnets is under a pair of ripped jeans. This way, the effect is really subtle, but it’s there, and that’s good enough. Our second favorite way to wear fishnets is with long sweaters or slitted sweater dresses and chunky booties or biker boots. You can combine them with a biker jacket as well, for a rock/grunge touch. The 3rd way is of course with skirts: mini skirts (always with low boots for an everyday look, or if you don’t want to look too sexy), or pencil midi skirts, for a more sophisticated look. Last but not least, if you want a subtler effect, you can wear fishnet socks with your booties, pumps or even sandals, to make the outfit more interesting and on trend! 😉

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Stylish sweaters for womenWinter time equals sweater weather, but just because we have to wear sweaters it doesn’t mean we can’t look stylish at the same time. Sweaters tend to be the opposite of cute and feminine, but there are options for all of us who are tired of oversized knit sweaters making us look like onions. This article is the perfect example! I’ve gathered here for you today, 12 very feminine and cute sweaters you can wear from day to night, and look amazing while being comfortable and warm at the same time. The secret is to pick sweaters in interesting patterns or cuts, or maybe ones with details that make them stand out! You can play it safe with black, white, beige or grey or be bold and pick brighter colors that will boost your mood. The choice is yours!

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Faux Fur for winter style 4

The weather these days inspired me to write this post about another winter 2016/2017 trend which is: faux furs. It’s been getting chillier and chillier these days and I wish I had one of those coats to keep me warm when I go out. There are many ways to wear the faux fur, and keep warm this winter. You can either go full-on furry coat, fur-sleeved jacket and/or collar, or long parka/duvet coat with fur collar/hood. Our suggestion would be to avoid the fully fur coat if you don’t want to add extra volume to the upper part of your body. Furs tend to add lots of volume and they’re not flattering to all body types. But do not worry! Because we have gathered many beautiful and absolutely affordable options here for you today, so you’ll be able to find the best one for you. We’d recommend a fur vest to add a warm layer to your outfits, or a long jacket with furry collar or hood. Either way, make sure that your fur is faux. You can shop all of our choices at the end of this post!

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