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What to wear to the holiday parties - for men 1

I might not be a stylist but I love a beautiful elegant outfit on men. For today’s post I got inspired from some famous fashion bloggers as their looks can give some good ideas for your style as well. These days are full of holiday parties until New Year’s Eve and it’s a great opportuniny to dress up nicely. If you like formal smart looks, a suit is the ideal choice.  Otherwise, you can achieve a breathtaken preppy style with a tie, vest or sweater.  Try to choose whatever makes you feel more comfortable and have fun!!

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Party dresses holidays 2016 The best thing about the holiday season is that you can buy a new dress for those Christmas parties or gatherings, and be totally “excused”. We always want to wear something new during the holidays, especially when it comes to New Year’s Eve parties, so a nice party dress is definitely needed. As always, there are the classic choices of lace, sequins, tulle, and mesh, but this year, there’s also the biggest trend of all: velvet. Whatever your taste is, we’ve gathered here today some very beautiful but also very affordable choices to help you shop for the best dress possible this year. They’re all so pretty! Wish we could buy them all for the holidays! What’s gonna be your choice?

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As winter is getting closer, if not already here, depends on where you live, I love incorporating over the knee socks in my outfits. They are the easiest way to compliment your style, and the best part is that they keep you warm! You can pair them with boots, ankle boots, oxford shoes, or even converse and you will look amazing! I totally suggest you try this trick and you will love it as much as I do!


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Winter is comming fast and we want you to be prepared for the cold weather. We all know that the best way to compliment your outfit in the colder months is to add a stylish scarf and you are good to go! Either with a patern, blank or a plaid one will will always look put together!

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The number one fashion trend from Summer is here to stay for this Autumn and Winter as well! Culottes is a piece that has recently been brought back to the surface of the Fashion world, and is gaining more and more ground. Paired with a cosy sweater, a long coat and boots, it will transform every outfit. Black, beige or even white are perfect for the upcoming season!

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Exclusive dresses

It’s always a pleasant surprise, when you’re browsing around and suddenly come across a great website, with such stunning pieces such as StyleWe. And in cases like these, you always want to let your friends know about this site, and why they should absolutely check it out. So this is exactly what I’m going to do now; I’m going to let you all know about this amazing e-shop I found, which stores great quality clothes and bags. I’m absolutely smitten with it. You can surely tell by the small sample of products I chose to display here today, how beautiful the dresses there are, all quite affordable, and the site includes every little detail you need to know to find the right size for you.

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Fashion never stops seeking for inspiration even on the streets. The most recent designers’ collection are inspired by the street culture and mix classic and contemporary elements creating the trends for each season. The white t-shirt has become an essential for women’s style because from a daywear must-have, it has now become the perfect item that can update a nightwear look. According to the latest trends, the white t-shirt is undoubtedly a must-have and can be worn under a minimal slip dress or a black lingerie top resulting in a different and elegant outfit. See how the white t-shirt became a streetstyle phenomenon in the following pictures:

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In a few months my best friend is getting married and she chose me as her maid of honour, so right now my life is all about this wedding ceremony, trying to choose the decoration colors, finding the perfect pair of elegant and comfortable shoes so we can stand all night! Organising a wedding is really hard but choosing the wedding dress is not, especially since you can find any dress you have ever dreamed of at Cocomelody, which does not offer only wedding dresses, it also offers men’s wear, special occasion dresses, bridal accessories and gorgeous dresses for your bridesmaids!

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We have already introduced Marianna to you through her interview. She is the ideal person to talk about glamour as she always has the most beautiful and stylish details in her looks. So, we asked her to write a post with some tips on how we can add a glamour touch in our daily life. You can find more inspirational tips by her, on her Instagram account and her personal blog.

How to Easy - Glamour 1I love the word “glamour”, even though its meaning is a bit misunderstood. A glamorous woman is a woman who always pays attention to her appearance and likes to do so. Due to the fast pace of our lives, of course, looking good is not always a priority, so in this article I’m going to show five ways of always looking glamorous without really doing much. You only have to choose the way that fits you and start using it every day!

1. Jewellery

A glamorous piece of jewellery is always catchy. Find the one that look good with most of your clothes and wear it on a daily basis.

2. Sunglasses

A nice pair of sunglasses is something worth investing in for me. Sunglasses not only protect the eyes, but also work as a fashion statement. Choose a pair which has this little something (crystals, for example). Be sure that your “simple look” will no more be “simple”.

How to Easy - Glamour3. Perfume

Just consider how many times you’ve connected a person to the perfume they wear, or how many times a perfume has set you in a certain mood. A lot, right? Finding a perfume that fits you is quite important, as it’s some kind of a signature and of course, it’s the last touch to a nice look.

4. Accessories

Accessories are more important than clothes, as they can easily elevate them. A good quality bag, or a scarf, are some pieces that can instantly make a woman look glamorous. Find the right accessories and invest in them.

 5. Make-up

Make-up is necessary no matter how naturally pretty a woman is. The right make-up can make each woman look glamorous. If you don’t have time for a full face look, just focus on a certain part of your face. I rely on my red lipstick, as it makes me look good in an instant. Find what makes you look good and never go without it.

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Photos courtesy of Marianna


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