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The leather jacket issue 1

This is a transitional season and everybody is confused about what to wear because of the crazy weather. Men are simpler when it comes to fashion but they still want a fashionable outfit without getting cold. One basic and timeless piece is the leather jacket. It may look like there is only one classic way to wear it, with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of all stars. However, there are so many other ways.  For a rock style, you can wear it the classic way by changing the all stars with a pair of boots. For a sporty look, you only need a hoodie.  Combining a shirt with your leather jacket, will upgrade your look to a more formal one. Jamie Dornan wore his leather jacket with a tie and a vest, which is definitely a stunning suggestion, don’t you agree? Sometimes, celebrities’ style is a great inspirational source so today’s post is all about it!!

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The camel coat entered the list of trends a few years ago, and as it seems, it’s here for good and this winter it’s the strongest trend in coats. Even though camel is a specific color, the butterscotch brown, many clothing firms have a wider camel color palette so you can find darker or lighter versions in the market! So if you want to invest in a camel coat do it and take some styling tips from the global fashion goddesses!

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Fahion Vibe  –  Peace Love Shea  –  StyleScrapbook

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We may already be heading to the end of summer, but as you know, it’s still high wedding season. We all have to attend a wedding at this period, every year, and it’s difficult to decide what to wear. So as a lover of weddings, I’m here today to give you some do’s and don’ts on what to wear to a wedding, along with some inspiration on outfits you can pick for every occasion.

So here we go:

  • Do: Wear something formal for the occasion.
    Don’t: Underdress. No jeans, no sweatpants (!), no flip flops etc.
  • Do: Wear something colorful – it’s the perfect season for it.
    Don’t: Wear white. A huge cliché, but it’s true. Let the bride be the only one wearing white.
  • Do: Keep it classy. Wear a beautiful summer dress (midi length and below) if you’re a woman, and a nice pair of pants, and a bright-colored shirt if you’re a man.
    Don’t: Show too much flesh. You’re going to the church after all, show some respect!

Outfit ideas according to the occasion:

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