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What’s better than a perfect and Stylish Summer Hairtsyle, to make you look even more beautiful, and also keep your hair out of the way, during the hot weather. Well girls I’ve got you covered! The perfect solution fot the summer heat, for your hair is one, Braid it!! I mean there are soo many things you can do and so many different hairstyles to try out! Let’s take a look at some of my favourite:

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Mohawk Braided Updo

Now that spring is almost here, cute braided hairstylse are always on trend. I love this one especially, because it is easy, yet beautiful. It gets your hair out of your face, but since it is a half updo, it has a romantic vibe. I truly suggest you try it!

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During summer season our hair are suffering from the sea salt and the sun so we have to take care of them a little more than usual! Use hair-oils, protective creams, hair-sunscreen and of course don’t use your blowdryer and your beloved flat or curling iron… especially if your hair is weird like mine, I know it’s hard to style them without your tools… but trust me, since it’s summer and our style gets more easy-breezy, braids are the best choice for your hair! So I suggest to you the top 3 braided hairstyles to do this summer! They are so easy, stylish and beautiful!

1) The Dutch Braid, see more details here

dutch-braid-short-hair-dutch braid

2) The Boho Braid, see more details here

boho braidboho braids

3) The Flower Braid, see more details here

floral-braidbraids with flowers


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