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you should follow @sonchicc on Instagram@sonchicc aka Sofi In Wonderland is the Instagram account of Sofi, a florist girl from Moscow Russia, who loves to travel around the world. She’s currently in Italy, but she’s travelled to 49 countries so far, and she’s only 22 years old. Her Instagram profile looks very inspiring, and is filled with beautiful colors, and beautiful places all over the world. If you’re jealous of her lifestyle, just follow her, and travel with her, through her photos, everywhere she goes. We know we will! 

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You should follow @ibreathshoes on InstagramAnessa is the girl behind the Instagram account @ibreatheshoes, which I loved not only for its name, which speaks to my heart, but also for the content she posts there, that has to do with fashion, food and lifestyle. So basically the 3 out of the 4 things I like to post about on my personal account. What caught my attention at first, was the lovely filter she’s using on her photos. I really like this particular style, it’s very minimalistic, black & white, with a pop of color from a flower, or some breakfast. It really sticks out. She also has great style. So if you like these photos, make sure to check her out on Instagram!

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You should follow @vi66nya on InstagramToday’s recommendation is @vi66nya on Instagram. The girl behind the account, comes from Moscow, and has a very beautiful feed dedicated to travel and photography. She puts a lot of effort into creating these photos, and the result is amazing. I discovered her profile quite recently, and I quite liked what I saw there. Check out her account and give her a follow if you see what you like too. 🙂

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You should follow - @ofleatherandlaceTina Lee is the girl behind @ofleatherandlace blog & Instagram account. Tina is a fashion & travel blogger, who has just a tad less than 100k followers on Instagram and I’m sure she’ll easily surpass that number very soon, since her profile is amazing. She travels the world and takes beautiful photos along the way. Apart from beautiful scenery though, you should follow her for gorgeous fashion as well. Her style is truly amazing! So if you like these photos, make sure to visit her profile to see more!

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You should follow - @anit.love on InstagramThe girl behind the @anit.love account on Instagram is a student and a part-time traveler. She may not have  a big following on Instagram yet, but we’re not here to share with you only big, popular accounts, and I think this one deserves more love. She has a really beautiful feed, full of bright, colorful photos, with lots of pink and she has an eye for detail. All her photos are aesthetically pleasing, and very artistic too. So I don’t have anything more to add. If you want to see more of her photos, check out her profile, and make sure to follow her! 🙂

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You should follow @my.miaou on InstagramI stumbled upon @my.miaou on Instagram, a few months ago, and I love her profile so much, I immediately followed it. Now I’m sharing it with you, because I really think she deserves way more followers for the content she posts on her profile. My.miaou belongs to Sabrina Stavenjord from Toronto. and she has a beautiful food & lifestyle blog with the same name. Her profile is very colorful, filled with the prettiest pink hues, and food photos everyone would drool over. I don’t have anything else to say, just visit her Instagram profile, and make sure to follow her for daily doses of food and pink.

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You should follow - @duni_cheri on Instagram

@duni_cheri is one of my latest favorite accounts on Instagram. She mostly takes indoors photos of herself, her food, her house, and uses a light, slightly pink-hued filter, that makes everything look dreamy. She takes all photos by herself, and has a very beautiful feed, and almost 50k followers on Instagram. She’s a lover of nature, wine and coffee (my kind of girl), and has one of the best accounts I’ve stumbled upon lately. Check out her grid below, and don’t forget to go to her profile and follow her.

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You should follow - @polabur on InstagramI can’t remember how I found out about @polabur ‘s Instagram profile. It may have been either trough another blogger @adashoffash, or either through an Instagram suggestion you now see while scrolling down your feed. Either way, I really loved her account, so I didn’t hesitate to follow her. Her profile does share some characteristics with a @dashoffash, but has less pink hues, and she posts photos of Amsterdam a lot, something I really love since the day I got back from my trip there. Either way, her photos really caught my attention and made me follow her instantly. She has a really beautiful account, consisting of photos of her, food or beautiful places around the world. What else could I ask for! Nothing, I reply. If you like the same things, then you should definitely check her out and why not, maybe follow her too! 😉

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You should follow - @letsnomnom on instagram

If you’re a foodie like me, you might have already be following @letsnomnom on Instagram. If you’re not, and you love food pics, then you should definitely go and do it now. As you can tell by these photos, this account is filled with yummy food pics that are going to blow your mind away. They started in Sydney, but they’re now in Singapore, trying out and photographing yummy food from various places there. So if you like what you see here, you should definitely follow their account!

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You should follow @adashoffash on InstagramI discovered Iris’ account, or @adashoffash on Instagram, some weeks ago, and I immediately followed her, because I loved her colorful feed, and the fact that she lives in Amsterdam. Even though you see a lot of Amsterdam and other Netherland cities as a background of her photos, she does travel a lot (her next stops are Canary Islands and London, so stay tuned!). Iris is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger and if you love colorful feeds, then you should definitely follow her account. She posts a lot of pictures of herself around Amsterdam, and this is something I really like, because as you might know, I’ve visited Amsterdam a few months ago, and I loved it. I think her pictures speak for themselves, so you if you like these photos, make sure to check her account out, and follow her! 🙂

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