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KatVonD Launch Party - Sephora GreeceSEPHORA GREECE exclusively brings KatVonD’s subversive and much-discussed cosmetics brand to the Greek market. From famous artist, musician and tattoo artist to worldwide beauty phenomenon, KatVonD has created an emblematic brand and cosmetics that combine goth aesthetics with the ultimate femininity, durability and full coverage. Classic with rock is one of the combinations that inspire her. KatVonD is not another priestess of classic beauty and as she says: “KatVonD is not just makeup. It’s an attitude”.

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Five Kat Von D Make up products you have to try

Kat Von D is probably the most alternative band I know! I love her Goth style and the fact that she lets her personality show through her make up products. Did you know that all her logos and handwritten by her?! But not only the packaging and the style are unique, but also the products them selves are amazing. Given the fact that Kat Von D is expanding in Europe, I thought today I would talk about the 5 must haves products from her brand, that everyones raves about, and for a good reason!

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