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Paul Smith watch collectionThe watch collection of the famous Paul Smith will soon enter the Greek market. Paul Smith, with more than 40 successful years in the fashion world globally, is especially loved for the combination of the British “classic style with a twist”. He is great in adding color and fun to his designs while always remaining timeless.

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5 + 1 must have watchesI love wearing watches, and I don’t own only one. I consider them, not only a way to keep the time, but a piece of jewellery. I always wear watches when I go out, and if I feel “naked” if I happen to go out without one. Watches are basic jewellery pieces, but they can also be a statement piece if you want it to be one. If you’re like me, you already own at least a couple of them. If you’re just starting your “collection”, a silver one will go perfectly with everything in your wardrobe. My next pick would be a rose-gold one, because it’s classy and timeless. Gold ones are also really nice, if you wear gold pieces, and a black one would be as versatile as your silver one. Now a pastel colored one, with interchangeable straps, would be perfect for spring/summer season, and if you’re feeling playful, stripes are perfect for you. Which one would be your choice?

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tous1I’m sure TOUS, doesn’t need any introductions, since everybody knows it. The company creates jewellery, watches, handbags, accessories and perfumes, and has a bear as their “mascot”. Their new fall/winter 2014/2015 collection has a wide range or all these items, focusing mostly on gold jewellery and colorful stones, and bags. Let’s take a look at their new lookbook. Visit their site for more!

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