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Every year the same question: what comes after having chosen the right swimsuit?? Summer is already here girls and with it come the endless hours at the nearest beach!! Making a small list I realized that there are still a few things that are missing for a stylish appearance at the beach! There are endless choices of caftans, tunics, dresses and shorts in different designs and fabrics!! Floral, monochrome and gossamer. Despoina Vandi (a Greek singer) assumes the role of fashion designer which is a whole different path than the ones we are used to! As a fashion designer Despoina Vandi presents an alternative and astonishing fashion line for the beach! Nonetheless other fashion designers have done a fantastic job for this summer too! Once more the company known as MED is at the top of my choices because of the company’s sexy fashion styles!! Beach outfit 2016!! For your eyes only!!

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So, close your eyes and imagine… it’s summertime and you are on vacation on a Greek island and you over-packed you luggage… In the end, you don’t even wear half of the clothes you packed and you keep wearing the beach clothes cause they are so comfortable and you may end up at the beach anytime! I don’t judge you; I do the same… But are your beach clothes really stylish? I bet they are not as stylish as these gorgeous Achilleas Accessories kaftans which are a key piece for your vacations (pack five of them and you are ready to go!) Choose a printed one, or maybe a plain one? Well, you can choose one with small details, but I am pretty sure that once you see them all, you are gonna crave many more than just one!

So, you can thank me later for giving you the best solution for your next vacations! I just saved your style and your back (from over-packing)

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