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Zoeva in my opinion. apart from making some of the best make up brushes, they also have amaaaazing quality eyeshadows, in an affordable price! They have a great selection of colours, for everyones taste. The matte shades are so creamy and blendable and the shimmers are so pigmented. I absolutely love them, and I would love to get as many as possible. The smaller palettes cost 18 pounds, and the bigger ones 28 pounds. You can find them on their official website ZoevaCosmetics.com and on Cultbeauty.com.

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Christmas is comming soon, and it is the best time to treat your self with some ‘gifts’, or buy something for your make up lovers friends! So what a better gift than a Brush Set from the one and only ZOEVA! They are truly the most beautiful brushes I’ve seen, and I love that the price is not over the top! Which makes them the perfect gift!

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Before I start with the actual review I’m going to tell you a few things about the company. Zoeva is a German brand founded in 2008 by Zoe Boikou. The name Zoeva is from the word Zoe that means life in Greek and Eva, the first woman. It’s a brand with affordable and good quality products.

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