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All abou the new Zoella Lifestyle Collection

Ladies and Gentlemen the new Zoella Lifestyle Collection has dropped! If you don’t already know, which means you live under a rock, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella on social media has her own Beauty and Lifestyle Range of products. In her newest collection on her lifestyle range she has launched a bunch of new an amazing products.

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Amelia Liana is a British Youtuber/Instagrammer, whose feed on instagram is wthat the social media call ‘GOALS’. I mean you can see it for your self that every single of her piscture is absolutely perfect. I love the theme and the colour palette of her feed and I always get excited to see her new posts! I truly suggest you follow her, since you will get so much inspiration!


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Naomi Ross, or as known as @rossio_style on instagram, is again one of my favorite instagrammers. She travels the world and shows through her amazing feed all the places she’s been to. Not only I love her photography, but her style and aesthetic as well. You will always find inspiration for fashion or traveling in her page! I truly suggest you check her out, because I believe she deserves more followers!


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I always love discovering new accounts on instagram that inspire me. For me personally an account to be perfect has to be consistent, have good and intresting content with high quality images and last but definitely not least to have a colour theme. For me Jacqueline Mikuta or known as @mikutas on instagram has all those aspects.

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One of my absolutely favourite acounts on instagram is @thesundaychapter. It is owned by a beatiful girl called Angela who is an amazing Beauty- Fashion and Lifestyle blogger. Not only her content is amazing, but all her photos are also very inspiring and beautiful. I definitely think she deserves more followers, because her work is great! If you are looking for someone to get inspiration from then I would definitely check her page!


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Bloggers we love - Flor de Maria Fashion

Flor de Maria is a TV host, stylist, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, spokesperson and blogger. She founded her blog in 2010, in Spanish and English, which she both speaks fluently, and features her personal style. Flor is obsessed with shoes, and has a huge shoe collection, and closet, and even though she’s not very active on her blog lately, she is on her social media so make sure to follow her everywhere if you want to see how she styles her gorgeous designer pairs, and drool over her next purchase.

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