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Bloggers we love - Flor de Maria Fashion

Flor de Maria is a TV host, stylist, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, spokesperson and blogger. She founded her blog in 2010, in Spanish and English, which she both speaks fluently, and features her personal style. Flor is obsessed with shoes, and has a huge shoe collection, and closet, and even though she’s not very active on her blog lately, she is on her social media so make sure to follow her everywhere if you want to see how she styles her gorgeous designer pairs, and drool over her next purchase.

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Bloggers we love - Five Five Fabulous 1Reem and Natalya are the two sisters behind the Five Five Fabulous blog. They started it in 2012 in order to share their love for style and travel. It didn’t take them long to show their amazing talents in fashion, social media and photography. Until today, they have collaborated with many famous companies like Nike, Net-a-Porter and L’Oreal Paris and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them. If you are wondering why you should follow them, it’s really simple. Their unique style is inspired from both their Arabic origin and London’s street style. In other words, they combine two different cultures in a creative and fashionable way!! Take a look below and don’t forget to check their blog, too!!

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camilacoelho style 1

Camila Coelho is a Portuguese and English speaking fashion and beauty blogger/vlogger most well known for her MakeUpByCamila YouTube channel and omonymous blog. She launched her main beauty channel, the Portuguese version, in June of 2010 and she created her English language channel in September of 2011 to make it international and well, she achieved it! She has almost 5 million followers on Instagram and her fame is growing day by day! I love her super girly style and her petite figure, you should definitely take a look at her blog and admire her choices!

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mattgstyle stylishly beautiful 1

In 2013, Matthias Geerts created MattGstyle.coma menswear blog which focuses on his style, aesthetics, travels and everyday life. Since then, the famous blogger’s style and blog never stopped evolving becoming one of the most successful blogs of Belgium. Matthias’ female audience can also find women’s style and beauty tips provided by his sister, Tisja Geerts, who is also talented. Success never stops for the famous blogger as he has collaborated with high-end luxury brands and designers, sports brands and vast hotel businesses ant tourist agents turning his blog into a contemporary online business. Explore his style through the following pictures:

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Bloggers we love - Stylishlyme

Behind Stylishlyme are Vanessa Rodriguez and her boyfriend, Peter Lang. Vanessa was born in a small town in California, but she moved away to study, and later discovered her love for fashion. She founded her blog Stylishlyme, and blogged about her outfits, when she discovered her true passion, which was consulting. She now owns a digital agency with Peter, while she still owns her personal style blog, and shares her everyday outfits with us. Her style can be casual or formal, but always chic. But apart from her outfits, you’re also going to love her blog’s photography. So you should definitely go check her out.

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Blogger we love - A clothes horse 1

Rebecca has an impressive style. Through her blog “A clothes Horse”, she is sharing her unique outfits which are really inspirational. You will see her in vintage and retro looks with many ladylike elements. Even though I don’t like retro when it comes to fashion, her outfits are so girly and romantic that I couldn’t help but adding her blog to my favorites. Take a look below and make sure to check her blog for more!!

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Queenhorsfall is a social media influencer and trendsetter from Seoul currently living in California.  Her goal is to work in the fashion industry. She created her blog so that she could share her personal style and connect with others interested in fashion. She has already collaborated with more than 100 brands! I love her style because it changes every time, it can be from minimal to girly but always chic! I really love her blog and I think you should take a look too!

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infashionity 5

Infashionity was created by “H” in order to express his passion for fashion and men’s style. After his active presence on Instagram and many engaged followers, “H” created his personal blog to share with his fans more fashion looks and to give them the chance to discover his personal style. In less than a year, infasHionity -which was named after the words fashion and infinity- counts many collaborations with famous fashion brands while its followers were becoming more and more each day because of his active Instagram presence. “I thought the paradox was interesting, as being «in fashion» is something temporary by essence, but at the same time I believe great fashion and great designers can last forever, and even be part of a culture and its history” as he described. Discover his style in the following pictures:

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Bloggers we love - Bee's wonderland

Borjana Radovic is the girl behind the blog Bee’s wonderland. She’s originally from Bosnia, but she quit her job as a lawyer there to move to Vienna, and she started her personal style blog in 2011. Her style is definitely really different to mine, but it’s absolutely great. It’s quite minimal, with little to none accessories, except for her sunglasses, and her signature silver short hair. She mostly prefers flat or low heeled shoes and no bag for her photoshoots. You should definitely go check her blog out, and follow her on social media if you like her style.

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Bloggers we love - Bright.Bazaar 1

Will Taylor is the man behind the Bright.Bazaar blog. He has been blogging about his love of colorful design, fashion and travel since 2009. He loves anything nautical and stripes. His style is elegant with preppy elements. I absolutely adore it, even though it doesn’t refer to me directly. He never fails to combine colorful pieces in the most stylish way, so his blog has been an unlimited source of inspiration. Last but not least, he looks so sophisticated and sexy with his eye glasses and I’m sure that hundreds of girls all over the world are waiting impatiently for his outfit posts!!

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