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you should follow @sonchicc on Instagram@sonchicc aka Sofi In Wonderland is the Instagram account of Sofi, a florist girl from Moscow Russia, who loves to travel around the world. She’s currently in Italy, but she’s travelled to 49 countries so far, and she’s only 22 years old. Her Instagram profile looks very inspiring, and is filled with beautiful colors, and beautiful places all over the world. If you’re jealous of her lifestyle, just follow her, and travel with her, through her photos, everywhere she goes. We know we will! 

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You should follow @ibreathshoes on InstagramAnessa is the girl behind the Instagram account @ibreatheshoes, which I loved not only for its name, which speaks to my heart, but also for the content she posts there, that has to do with fashion, food and lifestyle. So basically the 3 out of the 4 things I like to post about on my personal account. What caught my attention at first, was the lovely filter she’s using on her photos. I really like this particular style, it’s very minimalistic, black & white, with a pop of color from a flower, or some breakfast. It really sticks out. She also has great style. So if you like these photos, make sure to check her out on Instagram!

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You should follow_mod.young on instagram 1I have a special suggestion today for all the beauty addicts out there. Morgan’s Instagram account is absolutely amazing. She shares mostly photos of skincare products and cosmetics that caught her attention. You can discover so many great products and hear an honest opinion about them just by visiting her profile. Furthermore, she emphasises on cruelty-free products which is quite interesting and remarkable. As for her photography, is creative and stunning. She might have only around 7k followers on Instagram but she deserves much more. So why don’t you show her some love by following her at @mod.young?!

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Keeevsch is an acount from a German Photographer and it is my current favourite feed on instagram. Weall love photos from women bloggers bloggers, but what about the amazing male photographers out there? That’s why I wanted to introduce him to you, since I believe has some of the most amazing shots and definitely deserves more followers. I am sure you will love all his travels and definitely get major inspiration!

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