Batiste dry shampoo review

Batiste dry shampoo review

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Batiste dry shampoo - ReviewAlthough dry shampoos aren’t something new in the beauty community, they became a real “trend” over the past year. It is the first time I used this kind of product and I decided to try out the one by Batiste because of the positive reviews I have read about it. I have tried only the fresh, original and blush fragrances. Even though their aroma is a little bit intense, I really like them because they leave a nice scent on my hair. The dry shampoo aims to help you refresh your hair and get rid of the unnecessary oiliness. You can use it between washes as water isn’t required. It instantly rejuvenates your hair and gives it volume so you can style it after that. You only need to spray it on your roots from at least 30cm distance and massage the area, until the white powder disappears. It’s easy, quick and effective. So I’m definitely recommending you give it a try!



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Batiste dry shampoo
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