Who’s D.Fanni and why you should check out her collection

Who’s D.Fanni and why you should check out her collection

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Demi Fanni inherited her art gene from her father who was an artist. After finishing her studies in an art high school she went to college to study fashion design. While she was there, she learned the arts of fashion sketching, pattern making, manufacturing and fabrics. After her graduation she worked in a fashion studio, and soon enough, she was recognized for her good work, and promoted as a chief designer. After that, she founded her own fashion label, called D.Fanni, which among other things includes cashmere coats, floral print suits, and classic cut-out and printed dresses. Her creations are classic with a twist, incorporating sophisticated cuts into her classic and timeless designs. Her gorgeous designs speak for themselves, but you can find stylewe designer here, if you want to check out more pieces of her collection.

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I’m always fascinated when I find new designers whose work I really love, and StyleWe, is an endless pool of such designers, whom I believe deserve more recognition. So I took it upon myself, to introduce you to this “new” designer I found online while “window shopping” the other day. And believe me, she’s not the only talented one there. So you can choose to click here to shop at StyleWe and see by yourself how many great designers, and items you’d want to add to your cart. Cause every time I’m there, casually checking out the site for new items to adore, I find more and more designers and pieces to fall in love with. And if their website is not enough eye-candy for you, you can also follow their Twitter and Instagram accounts for your daily dosage of awesomeness. I know I do! Leave everything you do, and go check them out now! 🙂

SP 250p- StylishlyBeautiful.com

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