Best of Colourpop

Best of Colourpop

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best of colourpop


I am sure you all want to try out some colourpop products. Talking by experience they are truly amazing. But when you go to their website you don’t know what to pick! So here is a small shopping guide!

Super shock cheeck Highlighter: Favourtie shades- Lunch Money (for fair skin) and Wisp (for tan skin)supershockcheeck


Ultra Satin lip: Favourite shades: Echo Park, Alyssa, Frick n Frack, Hutch, Aquarius, Lost, Prim, Calypso



Super Shock Eyeshadow: Favourtie Shades: Blaze, KathleenLights, Weenie, La La, Cornelious, Muse, Sequin, Driftsupershockeyeshadow




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