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Liana, was born in Larisa city, and raised in Aridaia city. Since she was a little girl, her dream was to become a medical doctor. Now she is a student of the Medical University of Sofia and she spends her free time on another passion of hers, fashion. She loves bags, shoes and jewelry, mainly in rose-gold shades. She searches for anything new, related to the fashion world, that is gonna catch her interest, on a daily basis; It is a pleasant break from her daily routine!! Let's not overlook her love for traveling, the sea and photography though. Her life’s motto: If you are gonna do something, do it good and love it!!
Hunter boots

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Autumn is finally here!! Just think of how many times you were suddenly in need of a boat due to heavy rain, while you...
SugarFree underwear

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Last summer I decided to look into this brand, due to the wonderful swimsuits that were presented to us! This brand didn't stopped at...

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  Giorgio Armani is without any doubt one of the top all-time-classic designers of the world!! His creations can be divided in 3 different categories...
Moschino Spring/Summer 2017

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Humming all day one of my favourite songs and watching, if not staring, the beautiful photographs from Jeremy’s Scott show which was presented just...
Moschino Fall/winter 2016/2017

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Moschino comes to shake the waters once more with their new and astonishing creations. Jeremy Scott present to us the creme de la creme...
Dukas Xatzidoukas Autumn/Winter 2016-2017

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I believe that there is no woman out there that she is not in love with this man. Due to his job on women’s...
michael kors smart watches

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Since my very first articles, I told you that he is my favorite designer. And how could he not be with all these unique...
Ugg Boots

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Maybe I’ve missed a few of our weekly appointments but now I’m back to present to you the best of the best of the...
Despoina Vandi collection Summer 2016

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We got to meet Despoina Vandi through her songs, and her successful career... We also saw her as a TV presenter, and a judge...
Sissy Christidou Collection Summer 2016

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I think that for a long time now I have been praising foreign designers only, leaving the Greek designers who strive for the best,...

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