Despoina Vandi Summer 2016 collection

Despoina Vandi Summer 2016 collection

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We got to meet Despoina Vandi through her songs, and her successful career… We also saw her as a TV presenter, and a judge at a music show… Nowadays, she continues to attract our attention as a new and promising designer, who just launched her first line with her own name. In the past she’s worked with other designers for lines bearing her name, but this is the first one of her personal brand. In a previous article, I showed you some caftans from her collection, but I couldn’t miss out on showing you the rest of Despoina Vandi’s collection. This is her collection for Summer 2016. Enjoy!
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Liana, was born in Larisa city, and raised in Aridaia city. Since she was a little girl, her dream was to become a medical doctor. Now she is a student of the Medical University of Sofia and she spends her free time on another passion of hers, fashion. She loves bags, shoes and jewelry, mainly in rose-gold shades. She searches for anything new, related to the fashion world, that is gonna catch her interest, on a daily basis; It is a pleasant break from her daily routine!! Let's not overlook her love for traveling, the sea and photography though. Her life’s motto: If you are gonna do something, do it good and love it!!


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