5 Must Have Makeup Brushes for your Kit

5 Must Have Makeup Brushes for your Kit

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Most of the professional makeup artists admit that the secret of their skills is that they use makeup brushes to achieve the perfect makeup look. Are you using the right brushes to apply your makeup?

Must have brushes

For the face, there are two essentials brushes: the blush brush and the foundation brush. With a blush brush you can also apply your bronzer, and with your foundation brush, your powder.

For your eyes you are going to need 3 brushes.

  • A blending brush: When you want the perfect smokey eye, this is the brush that you’ll use to blend the dark eye shadows.
  • With an angle brush and a gel eyeliner you can fill in your eyebrows or line your lashes.
  • With a simple shader brush you can paint your eyelids and define the shape of your eyes but you can also apply concealer under your eyes.

If you have only five makeup tools in your kit, make sure these are them. They do much more than just look cute on your vanity!

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