Pantone announces “Color of 2015” – Marsala

Pantone announces “Color of 2015” – Marsala

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Pantone, the world renowned authority on color institution, has announced the “Color of the Year 2015” – it’s Marsala. In Pantone‘s words it’s “chocolate with an earthy red wine”. Pantone says it would be elegant to use it on its own or with other colors, as a strong accent. It’s a warm and a “seductive shade”, again in their words.

Color of the year 2015 pantone marsala 2

Pantone didn’t spare words when describing Marsala. It says it sends us to think of fulfilling meals, very earthy and that it is a “tasteful hue, very stylish”, good for rugs and small appliances for the kitchen.

Color of the year 2015 pantone marsala

It’s a hearty tone, flattering and versatile, that translates easily  to fashion, beauty and interior design. Indeed, it’s a beautiful shade and we can – and will 🙂 – wear a lot, being it lipsticks, shoes, clothes, nail polishes… and, as they said, also for interior decoration. It’s a burgundy with an undertone of brown, like the name Marsala suggests, the wine. It will certainly be the apple of the eye of many collections! Do you like it?

Photos courtesy of Pantone

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