New summer arrivals by Korres 2015

New summer arrivals by Korres 2015

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Korres Summer arrivals 2015This summer, Korres is launching some new collections in its make-up line and they will be our ally these following months. Firstly, the new Eau De Cologne collection includes discreet and unique scents straight from nature – some of them have notes from exotic fruits and summer colorful flowers and some give a fresh aromatic turn to classic ingredients as a cool and revitalizing suggestion. We love the Mango candy as it has a caramel sweetness because of the combination of floral and exotic fruit notes. The nail colour and bronzing powder‘s collection have a beautiful summer theme inspired by seabed flowers and seashells. The nail colour’s composition includes myrrh extract, oligoelements and provitamin b for strong and healthy nails. However, the dominant element of this collection is the new arrival of the Sea Flower Bronzing Powder, one silky powder with algae extract, based on new technology for an even application and a perfectly natural, glowing effect. You will find it in two shades, the 01 sunny pink and 02 sunglow amber. What would you choose from the new arrivals by Korres??




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