RoC Sublime Energy duo night cream Review

RoC Sublime Energy duo night cream Review

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The Sublime Energy duo from French skin care brand RoC is a night treatment system that lists the patented E-Pulse component as a cosmetic electric stimulation, and it says it gives thousands of electrical pulses to your skin when the two creams are used together. It promises to make your skin’s regenerative process more efficient and if used for a good period of time (which every night cream recommends, till a person can see good results) it significantly decreases sagging skin, brown spots and wrinkles, giving you firmness and an even toned skin, and very, very soft feel. After using it, it is even easier to apply foundation; it really runs through the face in a so soft and silky way!

RoC Sublime Energy duo night cream Review

What I can say is that I don’t use creams at night, but during the day when I go out and put makeup on. And that cream is good for the day – so I believe it is at night, as well. It really shows an immediate improvement of your skin, it feels so evenly toned and so, so very soft that it is even incredible that a product like this exists! I strongly recommend this duo of creams – whether it sends electrical pulses to your skin or not, I don’t know – I haven’t felt anything like tingling skin or whatever. But it is an excellent moisturizer, I have to say, and that alone is enough for me! All the rest like firmness would be a bonus!

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Procedure: apply the dark cream and wait for it to be absorbed by skin. Then apply the other cream over that for the system to work.


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RoC Sublime Energy duo night cream
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