Clarins, Clinique and Sephora lip glosses review

Clarins, Clinique and Sephora lip glosses review

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I know many people prefer matte lipsticks, and I find them very beautiful, too, but apart from one brand, it’s very difficult for me to wear a matte lipstick – unfortunately, my lips are so sensitive, that many times testing/wearing some lipsticks or even glosses lead me to remove skin with tweezers, no joke. So I normally wear lip glosses and balms and here are three of them – Clarins Color Quench Lip Balm, Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss and Sephora Glossy Gloss.

Clarins, Clinique and Sephora lip glosses review

Starting with Clarins, the packaging says Long-Lasting Moisture and Shine. If only. The color is beautiful, a mauve to brownish nice color, that could replace a lipstick. And it says it’s a lip balm. Again, if only. It is sticky, what doesn’t really put me off, but from the three, unfortunately it is the worst. I like Clarins very much, but definitely other products, not this balm. It is not long-lasting, at least for me, and at the end of the day I was eager to be back home to use the tweezers, so horribly it has peeled my lips. The only good point is the color, as I said, beautiful. Nothing else. Expensive and not good.

The Clinique balm is brilliant! It IS moisturizing, as it says, and has a beautiful natural color, that can be worn alone, not over lipstick. It is really a balm, not sticky, really applying very well and not super long-lasting, but OKish – after all, it’s just gloss, not lipstick. I liked this one very much and often wear it.

Now, Sephora gloss. It is what it says on the packaging, Glossy Gloss. Not completely sticky, just a bit, but not in an exaggerated way. It is moisturizing as well and the color is fantastic! A pink mirrored color, really very beautiful. It lasts longer than the other two and can be worn alone.

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