Lace up sandals trend | Shopping Guide

Lace up sandals trend | Shopping Guide

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Lace-up sandals trend - StylishlyBeautiful.comOne of the many trends of this season has been lace-up sandals. Flat or heeled ones, they can be very eye-catching and flattering and they can give the perfect finishing touch to your outfits. All brands have created their version of the hottest pair of the season. Try them out in nude and beige hues to give the impression of elongated legs, or in black for your sexy appearances. For the ones who dare, there’s always the option of bold colors and combinations that will make your monochrome looks stand out. Are you going to follow this trend? Here are some of our choices. You’ll find all links below.

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  1. […] Last year we talked about the lace up sandals trend, which is going on strongly this year too. This year however, we’re all talking about lace up pumps, because they’re literally everywhere. I must say that I’m in love, and I want them all! Heeled or flat, in black or bolder colors and prints, they’re this year’s biggest trend. We’ve now started seeing them with thicker heels too, reminiscent of older decades… What’s your opinion about them? Love them, or hate them? Are you going to buy any lace up pumps this season? […]

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