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Brown platform is the digital child of the blogger Anastasia Siantar. Anastasia was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has 4 sisters (she’s the middle child!), and studied Hospitality and Tourism Management in Singapore. After that she spent 2 years in Paris, where she studied French, and is now happily married. She states that she’s “an ordinary girl who adores extraordinary shoes” and she’s not kidding about that second part. I’ve been following her blog since she started it, and I’ve seen her wear the most gorgeous and extravagant pairs of shoes, with a weakness for high platform pumps. She started back in 2011, but her style has since evolved a lot, going from more casual outfits, to more ladylike & chic ones nowadays. Her looks today are very polished & sophisticated, but still utterly stylish. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the collages I’ve made and make sure to follow her blog & her social media accounts.

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Markella aka Call me M. is a Marketing & Advertising graduate from Thessaloniki, Greece and the owner of the personal style blog, Do You Speak Gossip?. Her hobbies are blogging, photography, traveling and cooking. She loves blogging about her passion, and she also loves photographing everything; from food to nature and everything else in between she may find pretty. When she's not behind (or in front of) her camera, you will find her taking photos with her phone and chatting with her friends online. She's a shoe addict, and a food and technology lover.


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