Meet the youtuber | Elielizaeli

Meet the youtuber | Elielizaeli

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elielizaeli youtuber 1It really is weird meeting in person someone you’ve been watching through Youtube. You may feel like you already know this person and it’s the greatest surprise of all when you realize he/she is an even better person in real life! This is what happened to me when I met Eliza who is a really sweet and funny girl with an intense personality which owns one of the biggest YouTube channels based in my city, counting over 15.000 subscribers! So let’s ask her some questions and find out interesting facts about her!

1) SBT: Tell us a few things about yourself!
My name is Eliza and I am an active member of the Greek YouTube community for more than 3 years! My main content is beauty videos and I also upload videos about fashion, lifestyle and tags! I also attend beauty and make-up courses and I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, where I’ve been living for the past 22 years except for one year when we moved to Rhodes!
2) SBT: How and when did you decide to start your own Youtube channel? 
Well the channel existed for many years for technical reasons (commenting and creating playlists) that’s why the name of my channel is pretty random! Years later I started thinking about creating some content and I decided it thanks to my boyfriend’s support. If it wasn’t for him I would have never done it and I wouldn’t be here giving this interview! I always loved watching foreign YouTubers and when I found out the first Greek YouTubers I started thinking it more maturely and decided it!
3) SBT: Which was the very first video you uploaded? 
My first video was the all time classic tag ”what’s in my bag” which I really loved filming and also watching it in other channels…that’s why I re-filmed it many times through the 3 years of this channel’s existence!
4) SBT: Which beauty product you can’t live without?

Well does toothpaste count? I think it’s the most important beauty product! I can’t really live without brushing my teeth and losing their white color! This is for sure the one thing I can’t live without!

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5) SBT: If you had to choose only one makeup brand from now on, which one would you pick?
Well this is a really tough question and I don’t really have an answer since I don’t have a favorite brand.. I am still testing them!
6) SBT: How do you respond to any negative comments? 
Negative and insulting comments are being deleted and I block these negative people from my channel. But if someone with a negative opinion wants to just point out something and not be mean, I keep them and I try to improve myself every time… I also comment back to most of them!
7) Tell us your 3 favorite Greek and international Youtubers.
Well this is a tough question… I don’t have favorite channels, it all depends on my mood! So the last few months I’ve been watching Anatoli Nizami for her gorgeous lookbooks, Stylebows and Kristen Leo! My favorite international channels are  Kalyn Nicholson, Cambria Joy and Nikkie Tutorials.
8) SBT: Do you think that Youtube-ing has changed you in any way? 
I don’t really think that something changed, besides the fact that I became even more addicted to cosmetics!
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9) SBT: Apart from beauty products, which is your biggest weakness? 
It would be food for sure, and not the healthy kind of food! I love eating chips, chocolate and take out! My second weakness is singing and I have already uploaded some covers to my channel (well the quality is not the best) and I might upload more in the future!
10) SBT: Which are your future plans/dreams, both on Youtube and on your personal life?
Well my first goal is to find a job so that I could buy better equipment and improve my channel’s image! I am kind of jealous of everyone having great cameras and if I change that, my channel will be more successful! As for my personal life, I want to live together with my boyfriend in the following year and find a beauty-related job! Are these too much to ask ?
You can find Eliza on the links below:

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