Ten Tips to Choose the Best Boots for Winter

Ten Tips to Choose the Best Boots for Winter

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Ten Tips to Choose the Best Boots for Winter

If you live in a cold climate, you’ll know that winter is here. It is time to prepare, if you haven’t already, by some good old-fashioned retail therapy. Stocking up on good quality winter clothes, including boots, can make living in a cold town much more pleasant, especially once the snow comes in. Those in a warmer climate will have different considerations to think about, so each of the points below will be slightly different for your personal situation. The most important thing is that you consider every option and your town’s climate when deciding on the boots you need for this winter.


This may go without saying, but comfort is all-important when it comes to buying any shoe, and boots are no different. If it snows frequently, these boots will hardly be off your feet, so it’s especially important that winter boots are as comfortable as possible. Choosing boots with a soft inner and solid ankle support will help ensure that you can walk a long way without feeling it in your feet.


Winter is cold, so naturally if there’s one thing winter boots should be, it’s warm. No-one enjoys walking around with cold toes. Of course, if you end up with a pair of boots that aren’t too cozy you can always wear wooly socks to remedy this, but it’s easier in most cases to just make sure the boots are warm in the first place.


Fashion, fashion, fashion. It may seem like a small thing when youre looking for a practical pair of boots, but bear in mind that these will probably serve you for 5 years or more. Choosing a pair that looks good as well as feeling great on your feet will help to ensure that you wear them for the maximum amount of time you can. Understated, simple colors such as black and brown are always a wise option to ensure that the boots don’t date quickly.


The length of the boot’s shaft will help you to walk through snow without getting wet feet, as well as keeping out the cold. Choosing super short boots (such as ankle boots) can be a bad idea as cold puddles and air can escape into them, while very long boots tend to be a little impractical.


Whether you want high heeled boots or flat boots is up to you, and it largely depends on personal preference and situation. If you wear your boots to work at an office job, heeled boots will likely comply with the dress code better. However, flat boots can make it easier to walk to work. The choice is up to you, and shouldn’t have too much of an impact on the boot’s effectiveness in the cold weather.


Boots that can keep out rainwater and snow will always be the best choice for winter, simply because of their durability and practicality. You should be able to walk in all conditions with your winter boots, and choosing ones that seal out the cold will help you to do just that.


Whether you prefer laces or not is up to you, but bear in mind that zips can allow in the cold and the wet. Unless the zips have a covering, laces with a lot of overlap could be the better option to keep your feet warm and dry.


If you plan to walk a lot, the good tread is essential for winter boots. It will ensure that you don’t slip over on the icy or wet ground, and can also be protective for the bottom of the feet.


Ill-fitting boots are bound to make your winter an uncomfortable one. Sizing is something that you should not be prepared to compromise on, as wearing a size too big or small can either let in the cold or create painful blisters.


A boot that can be worn to a range of occasions during winter is a wise choice. For this, choosing a leather boot or suede boot can be good as these materials are both formal and practical. The best boots for winter can be worn out to dinner and for a walk in the park, as they fit all the above criteria according to your personal preference.

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