Gift ideas for Mother’s day!

Gift ideas for Mother’s day!

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Gift ideas for Mother's day

Mother’s day is just around the corner and it’s time to buy her gifts! If you are like us and you haven’t decided yet what you will buy, here is a list to help you.

  • Jewelry: A beautiful necklace for example is a perfect gift. She can wear it everyday and think of you. You can also buy a mother-daughter one! It’s so cute!
  • Perfume: Her favourite perfume it’s a great idea.
  • Cup of coffee or tea: It’s ideal for mothers that love to drink coffee or tea.
  • Piece of clothing or accessory: A bag, a pair of shoes, a dress or something else that she likes it will be an excellent addition to her closet.
  • Nail polish or other cosmetics: Do I have to say more?!
  • Book: If she is a bookworm she will appreciate it very much! You can also buy a cook book if she likes cooking a lot! Another good idea is to give her a beautiful and unique book stand.
  • Flowers: Timeless and classic!
  • Card: You can combine it with any other gift or take only a card and write how much you love her!
  • SPA day: For me it’s one of the perfect gifts. Mothers tend to tire because they have so much to do. Treat her with a day at a SPA and she will be the happiest mum in the world! She can have a day to relax and forget all the things that she has to do.
  • Cooking a nice meal: Relieve her for that time of the day when she doesn’t know what to cook for dinner. Take care of the cooking for this day and give her more time for herself.
  • Hug her and say I love you: At the end of the day she will not appreciate anything more than a hug from her favourite person in the world!

Personally I love this day. I don’t believe that you need one day to show your love but sometimes due to our hectic lives we forget the simple and little things that matters. So stop whatever you are doing and hug her or call her just to say I love you. I’m sure that she will appreciate it very much!

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