Look of the day | Suit up

Look of the day | Suit up

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Look of the day_Suit upIf you ever saw the tv-series How I met your mother, you could easily guess what today’s post is about. Barney Stinson used to ask his friends to suit up all the time. The official meaning is to wear something more formal or a uniform in general. I would like to emphasise to Barney’s definition and present you a formal look similar to suit. 

The main colour for this look is grey. Pick a pair of trousers and a blazer in this colour and it would look like you are wearing a suit. Depending on the occasion, a monochrome blazer is appropriate for a business meeting and a playful plaid one for a night out with friends. Otherwise, a grey leather jacket is a great alternative option. You will also need a white top. It can be from a simple one to a lace one with unique details. When you are about to decide on a pair of shoes, feel free to make your one choice. My suggestion is a pair of black pumps as it fits harmonically with the grey pieces. This outfit might look too classic for some of you, that’s why I recommend you picking a red bag. It will offer a bright and modern touch to it. Complete your look with an elegant bracelet with charms.

As Barney would say, suit up ladies and enjoy your weekend.


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