Shourouk jewellery

Shourouk jewellery

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It’s always good to see beautiful jewellery by good brands – and especially when the beautiful pieces are really incredible! Take a look at these Shourouk jewellery items – you won’t be disappointed!

Shourouk jewelleryFrom left to right: Aigrette gold-plated Swarovski crystal, Aigrette gold-plated sequin necklace and Swan gold-plated Swarovski crystal and faux pearl necklace

They have beautiful earrings as well:

shourouk earrings collage

Luna Comet gold-plated Swarovski clip earrings, Comet gold-plated sequin clip earrings and Comet gold-plated Swarovski crystal and sequin clip earrings 

Shourouk also has outstanding bracelets and even a pair of embellished sneakers!

shourouk mix

Embellished patent-leather and suede sneakers, Wimblee Swarovski crystal-embellished stretch-terry black wristband and Wimblee Swarovski crystal-embellished stretch-terry pink wristband

So, do you think they can be a nice present? I’m coveting the pearl necklace!

Photos courtesy of Net-a-Porter

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