Bloggers we love | Gary Pepper Girl

Bloggers we love | Gary Pepper Girl

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Gary Pepper girl 1 - Stylishly BeautifulNicole Warne, aka the Gary Pepper girl, launched her fashion blog in 2009, along with a small business that sold vintage pieces, called Gary Pepper vintage. As both her blog and her business begun to grow in size and popularity, Nicole took the risk to first quit her full-time job, and then pause her vintage business to pursue her dreams as a full-time fashion blogger. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Nicole travels the world in style with one goal in mind: “to continue to share with her audience the journey of painting and creating the world of Gary Pepper, a realm of vivid colour, striking fashion and endless possibilities. It’s not about seeing beautiful places; it’s about seeing the beauty in every place. Her life motto? The glass is half full.”

We love Nicole for her feminine style and her exquisite photos. She knows how to pose, and how to make her photos look even more breathtaking by adding some movement to the shots, along with props, such as flowers, balloons, fruits, etc. If you don’t follow her already, you have to visit her blog now. You’ll love her too!

 Gary Pepper girl 2 - Stylishly Beautiful

Gary Pepper girl 3 - Stylishly Beautiful

Gary Pepper girl 4 - Stylishly BeautifulPhotos courtesy of Gary Pepper Girl


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