How to separate your eyelashes in a great way

How to separate your eyelashes in a great way

Some years ago I was watching a program on BBC called Dragons’ Den. It offers opportunities to inventors to show their products to people who are willing to invest in potential hits. One of the inventors thought it could be helpful for women to separate their eyelashes in a perfect way with her invention. She showed the amazing Savvylash.


She said she already had many orders, but wanted to grow her company, therefore needed more investment. No one there wanted to invest, saying it wasn’t such a good product. But I was obsessed to find it and I did. I ordered it and wrote to Michele (the inventor) that I couldn’t understand how they refused her product. She answered saying that since she showed it on TV, she had so many orders she could barely cope with them! It was definitely a hit!

Since I saw Julia Roberts’ character separating her lashes with a pin on a movie, I used the “method”. With Savvylash it’s much simpler and safer. It says you can’t use it if you have a conjunctivitis or eye infection. I advise not to share the product with anyone. Other than that, it’s made of plastic, it’s safe and fantastic, in my opinion. You’ll be pleased with the results!


Product displayed here is mine
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