Benefit Cosmetics Erase paste concealer review

Benefit Cosmetics Erase paste concealer review

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I love Benefit products and always use concealers, so when I saw the Erase paste concealer I thought “yes! I have to buy it!” and so I did 🙂 It’s, like the name says, not a liquid concealer, but a paste. 

Benefit Erase paste concealer review -

It  includes a spatula, to keep things hygienic. This is positive, but… the product didn’t work with me, unfortunately. The color is a bit too dark for me, if used alone, but underneath foundation it’s OK, it blends well. The problem is that I had to spread foundation because I noticed that the concealer was too heavy and was not spreading well, leaving a stain on my skin, because of consistency and color. For me, I am about being practical – either I use a concealer that promises to do the job alone, or a foundation. I don’t like to use both things together. The texture was more like wax, to be honest. It leaves patches of product behind and then it is not what it says it would be – concealing. Instead, it makes all more noticeable. The consistency means the product sinks into any creases. To spread as a concealer for dark eye circles, with the thin skin of this area, I wouldn’t recommend. It’s thick and deposits like wax.
If you happen to lose the applicator, then you have a real problem to get the product out of the container. Unfortunately, I lost it 🙂
But as I said, under foundation it works, though the foundation itself does the work of the concealer. To be fair with the product, after many hours using it under the foundation, I noticed that I still had a dewy finish, like if I had used a highlighter. And it was nice to see it, I looked fresh even though I applied it at 2:30 pm, and 7 hours later I still looked fresh. So I guess I may give it another go under foundation, instead of using a highlighter. But use it moderately, because the consistency is really tricky.

Would I repurchase it? Definitely not, though.

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