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Bloggers we love | Zorannah’s Fashion Corner

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Bloggers we love - Zorannah 6- StylishlyBeautiful.comZorana Jovanovic is a Serbian blogger, which I found out through one of my favorite bloggers, Tamara Kalinic of the Glam & Glitter blog. She and Zorana are besties, and even though they don’t live in the same country anymore, they get to meet often, and have fun together. Zorana is actually one of the biggest bloggers of her country, and has a very large following on her social media accounts. Judging by her style I’d say it’s justified! I love how she mixes and matches her high-end brands with the more affordable ones from the high-street. And she has come a long way since her first blogging days. I always find hard-working girls that made it work for them, admirable. Take a look at her style through the collages I made below, and don’t forget to check out her blog and social media accounts!

Bloggers we love - Zorannah - Bloggers we love - Zorannah 2- Bloggers we love - Zorannah 3- Bloggers we love - Zorannah 4- Bloggers we love - Zorannah 5-

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