Yves Saint Laurent eye shadow palette review

Yves Saint Laurent eye shadow palette review

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I love to browse shops at airports, cause some of the novelties are really good, exclusive (so, that is the time to buy them, cause we won’t find it in another store) and sometimes, reasonably priced. And above all, I am always in love with palettes – a practical way to have many choices during a trip. So I spotted this Yves Saint Laurent eye shadow palette and fell in love with the colors! But, is it good, for the price it was? It wasn’t cheap, so I expected really a good quality product.

Yves Saint Laurent eye shadow palette review

Well, some colors are good. I would say, the brown and orange ones are really nice, last reasonably long, good pigmented. It’s true that if you apply a primer, it will be considerably better. I say this because I first applied the gold and the pink colors and they are NOT good. You barely can see them. Thinking that all of them would be the same, I tested the orange and (glitter) brown ones without a primer first, and they were OK. But with a primer, like I said, much better, so, go for it, the colors are really nice.

As for the darker colors, black and deep brown, a no-no, in my opinion. They are really so heavily pigmented that you end up looking like you were punched! They look like awful bruises!

Was it worth? No. For the price it was, to have two good colors only, a bad purchase, in my opinion. Still, to be fair or to find an excuse for buying it (and not feeling dumb 🙂 ) the two colors I mentioned are really sweet.

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Yves Saint Laurent eye shadow palette
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