Tezenis Spring 2016 collection

Tezenis Spring 2016 collection

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Tezenis’ spring 2016 consists of 4 new lines: Denim Safari, Garçonne, Playful and Casual Couture, each one with its own style. Denim Safari includes simple & casual denim looks, from dungarees to men’s shirts, and animal prints softened with black & white geometries. The Garçonne line takes inspiration from the 20s and men’s wardrobes and exudes unexpected sensuality, with geometrical prints, contrasting black & white on light, sheer fabrics, pleated trousers with braces, and belts combined with lose-fitting knitwear. The shirt, revisited in cotton and denim, is the protagonist of this sexy, unexpected look. The Playful line is filled with pink and pastel tones, with triangle bras covered with daisies or cupcakes, and briefs with petals, which represent an innocent femininity. Finally, Casual Couture’s basic colors are black & white, pastel pink and japan blue, and it includes polka dots, minimal lettering and two-colour inserts which make the casual-chic trousers a perfect match for a blazer and shirt. We also see 3D fabrics, extensive use of light scuba, terry cloth and mesh inserts.

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