Catrice prime and fine eyeshadow base review

Catrice prime and fine eyeshadow base review

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Catrice prime and fine eyeshadow base reviewThe Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base is an affordable eyeshadow primer. It comes in a sleek and modern package with an attached sponge applicator.  It has a light, thin formula in beige shade and leaves a smooth, demi-matte finish. It’s a great base to apply either powder or cream eyeshadow and holds them in place for several hours.  As for its effectiveness, I noticed that my make-up look seems almost untouched after a couple of hours with the same intensity. If I had to specify a time limit, I would say probably after 8-9 hours, you would have to check your make-up or even freshen it up a little bit. To sum up, I believe the Prime and Fine eyeshadow base is a bargain if you consider its reasonable price and it deserves to give it a try.

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