Look of the day | Stylish in brogues for fall

Look of the day | Stylish in brogues for fall

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Look of the day - Stylish in brogues for fallWhether we like it or not, fall is already here, and sooner or later, we’ll have to start wearing pants, instead of shorts, or skirts. Thankfully, when you live in a country such as Greece, fall weather isn’t actually very cold, so you can get away with wearing your summer clothes with closed-toe shoes and a cardigan or blazer on top. This look is for those of you who want the summer to last a little bit longer, but also to slowly start wearing warmer clothes. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The transition can be easy, if you choose lighter colors, to have the illusion that it’s still summer. For today’s outfit we played a lot with light blue and white. Brogues, ballerina flats and slip-ons are weather-appropriate and can take you to work or to shopping in style. Pair your long pants, with a summer top with ruffles, pick a crossbody bag in a light color, and a pair of bright sunglasses, and you have the look! Don’t forget to get a cardigan, or even an umbrella with you, because fall weather can be unpredictable. 😉


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