Storybook cosmetics is releasing a black roses makeup brushes set

Storybook cosmetics is releasing a black roses makeup brushes set

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Storybook cosmetics is releasing a black roses makeup brushes setStorybook cosmetics is known for their makeup brushes inspired by wizard wands, and roses. Just a few months ago, they released a makeup brushes collection inspired by the enchanted forest roses, from Beauty and the Beast, around the movie’s premiere. This time, they’ve been teasing their release of a black roses makeup brushes collection for Halloween, and we finally have a date. And that date it October 10th, which is…tomorrow!

Unfortunately we don’t have much info about these makeup brushes; we can only speculate based on their previous brushes release. They’re definitely going to be a limited edition collection, and they’re probably going to be a set of 4 brushes like the last time, including a tapered highlighting brush, an angled contour brush, a flat-top powder brush, and a dome-top powder brush. Their price is (also probably) going to be around $55 for the whole bouquet of flower brushes. And they’re expected to sell out quickly, so if you want them, keep an eye on to be one of the first to order them. If you do miss them though, the original rose brushes are still available on their site, and so are the wizard wands which I’m dying to purchase for myself. 😉

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