Chanel Blush Horizon – Soft Glow Blush review

Chanel Blush Horizon – Soft Glow Blush review

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Some time ago I wrote about the Tweed Effect Blush by Chanel and that one was not a good purchase, in my opinion. But willing to prove that Chanel can produce a good blush and not only perfect lipsticks (yes, they are perfect!) I bought this Chanel Blush HorizonSoft Glow. Let’s see whether I was luckier!

Chanel Blush Horizon - Soft Glow Blush

Well, yes, a bit luckier. It comes in a “striped way”, it means, more than one color, so that you can mix them with the brush to reach a natural look. It has a bit of coral in it, but after blending the color will be a beautiful pink, not too heavy. Though it has “soft glow” in its name I didn’t find it gives any glow, not even a bit. In this way, and it seems it was a limited edition (but when I bought it I saw nothing saying it, which is a mistake – in my opinion, the brands MUST inform that the product will be discontinued), I would advise you to buy another Chanel blush in a similar way, like the Jardin de Chanel Blush Camelia Rose.

It’s a good product and the color is nice, just, as I said, it doesn’t show any glow as it promises in the name.

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Chael Blush Horizon - Soft Glow
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