M&S Forever Denim S/S 2016

M&S Forever Denim S/S 2016

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M&S Fashion Alert - Forever Denim 3The new denim collection of Marks & Spencer for Spring/Summer 2016, is a tribute to one of the most popular pieces of our wardrobe, with proposals that offer confidence for every moment of the day. Creating jeans since 1957, Marks & Spencer have developed a “know how” feature to manufacture denim clothes, which are loved by millions of women around the world. The emphasis is on the high technology M&S Sculpt and Lift™ which ensures a perfect fit and the freedom of movement, chiselling the feminine silhouette. At the same time, the ecological washing with ozone and less water significantly improves the quality of the fabric, making it softer. The refined tailoring and femininity that the jeans of M & S exude, makes them a unique canvas for casual, and not only, appearances. From pants in various styles to skirts, shirts and jackets, the new collection of Marks & Spencer offers excellent options for total denim, boho 70s and contemporary looks full of authentic elegance!

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