Sante shoes spring/summer 2015 Lookbook

Sante shoes spring/summer 2015 Lookbook

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SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-001We’ve already shown you some of Sante’s new collection items, when they first came out, but now that the collection is completed, and the lookbook is out we ought to feature it again. The new spring/summer 2015 collection of Sante shoes is inspired by the 70’s, with boho details, bold colors and leather, suede and snakeskin being the main textures. If you love animal-print patterns, metallic details, and sporty/chic style, the Grumman line is for you. Take a look at the Lookbook photos below, and start your spring/summer in style.SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-003 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-004 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-005 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-006 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-007 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-008 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-009 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-010 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-011 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-012 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-013 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-014 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-015 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-016 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-017 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-018 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-019 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-020 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-021 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-022 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-023 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-024 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-025 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-026 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-027 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-028 SANTE_SS15_LOOKBOOK-page-029

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